Trading Card Digital Content

Thank you for buying Glen Tickle Agains the World Crime League trading cards. Sorry about the broken QR cards. It’s not an interesting story why they don’t work, but they don’t anymore, but I’d already had all the cards printed, so here we are.

NEW SPECIAL! Glen Tickle Against the World Crime League!

NOTE: You also get a download of the Extended Edition of the special, which has some jokes I cut for time, but honestly that one’s not done yet. It took so long to finish this version. Please email glen.tickle at if you came here for the Extended Edition but it’s not here yet. I’ll feel guilty and then get it done quicker. I appreciate you.

Download my first album (Yes, Really) through Bandcamp.

Or you can watch the whole show I recorded for my album right here

You can also watch my entire Dry Bar Comedy special The Favorite

Or maybe you wanted to hear the Ladybug joke:

Or watch all of Good Grief: A Comedy About Loss and Being Bad At It in its entirety. (It’s a comedy special about death, so parts of it are a little sad.)

Please also enjoy this cartoon I made about Isaac Newton pitching his first draft of gravity.

Or maybe you just want to watch a clip of my robot sidekick Mr. Toyboto telling some cute robot jokes.

Or maybe you wanted to read that Jack Benny essay I wrote? It includes some clips from my favorite episode of his show.

Buckaroo Banzai